29 January 2010


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22 December 2009


How's your winter going so far? Mine's great. I've been doing a little writing, recording, arranging, and otherwise avoiding work altogether.

Having said that, I'll also be playing a show January 7 at The Capital in Fredericton with PEI's New Royalty. Hope to see you there! And all the best for the holidays and all that as well, I guess.

03 September 2009

Spoke too soon

I guess I should have waited an extra day with that last post. In addition to the show on Sept. 25, I've also jumped on a bill at The Capital tomorrow night! Last-minute, I know, but if you can make it, we'd love to see you there. I'll be joining Cousins from Halifax, so do go and check out their myspace page to hear some music.

02 September 2009

Remember, remember, the 25th of September

An early heads up: I'll be joining partner in crime A/V for a night of fun at The Capital on Friday, September 25th. There may still be a 3rd act on the bill, but nothing's been confirmed so far. Expect to hear a few reimagined favourites that have been absent from my sets for the last year or so.

20 August 2009

A tricky update

It may seem quiet in Trick-land lately, but things have been going on...

First, DJ Bones took this video of "Lucky Dragon" from my recent show with the Hidden Cameras. The end is cut off, unfortunately, but the sound is actually decent and I don't even fuck up all that badly in it. Thanks, Bones!

What else? Well, there are no shows booked at the moment, but I've been making gradual progress on an album of sorts -- I guess it was inevitable, but it's been years in the making.

I wrote and recorded a brand new song on a whim called "Only Embers." It sounds surprisingly traditional in its arrangement. It's very guitar-based and mostly acoustic, which isn't really typical for a Trick song, so I'm not sure if or even how I would play it live. But I like the idea of making my debut full-length outing an eclectic one, so I'm sure I'll be able to include it there. Currently, that puts my tracklist for a potential Fall album at about 16 tracks, with another 2 or 3 tracks sitting in limbo.

21 July 2009

This week

Next on The Trick's schedule is a show this Thursday at The Capital with The Hidden Cameras. I've been hearing something about a 10pm start time and a $12 cover, so prepare yourselves for that. Fellow New Brunswicker Babette Hayward is also on the bill, so it looks like it's going to be a fun night. As usual, both of these acts are going to play lots of beautiful melodic music and I'm going to go up and make a lot of noise and bloopy synthesizer music.

And finally, despite what you may have seen or heard, The Trick is not playing in Halifax this Friday. It was an almost-kinda-sortof possibility, but in the end that possibility died due to a bit of miscommunication. With any luck I can do something to rectify this later this summer.