16 December 2005

Double-show Weekend

I have two shows scheduled for this weekend, both taking place at the Charlotte Street Art Centre/Underground Cafe in Fredericton (732 Charlotte St). On Saturday (17th) there will be an acoustic show and on Sunday (18th), a show of local bands covering their favourite artists.

My sets will both be quite short, since neither really represents what I normally do and both require more preparation than usual. For my cover set, I'll be attempting a few Nine Inch Nails songs. That's a pretty ambitious undertaking, and I've spent two days now just programming tracks for one song... Yeesh. I've written and recorded complete songs in that amount of time before. I think I'll be working some more late nights tonight and Saturday to finish getting ready.

Sat. Dec. 17 Acoustic Show
Starts at 8pm, $5 (or $4 with a clothing donation)
Including sets by: The Trick, Penny Blacks, Chris Time, Jordan Stewart (poetry)

Sun. Dec. 18 Cover show
Starts at 6pm, $5 (or $4 with 2 non-perishable food items)
Covers of: Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Hayden, The White Stripes

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